How to use Amarena Fabbri

Used in many recipes as decoration or as an integral part of the recipe itself, Amarena Fabbri is world famous for both its fruit and its syrup. 


To make using it easier and faster, start by separating the fruit from the syrup. 

In the case of jars with a screw-on top, use a strainer to filter out the fruit.  If in a tin with a pull-up lid, open the lid just enough to pour off the syrup into another container.  If the tin needs to be opened with a tin opener, make a hole on opposite sides of the tin – one to let the syrup out and the other to let air in.


After the fruit has been removed from the syrup, pour the syrup into an empty speed bottle so that it can be poured out in the desired  amounts and then put the cherries into a separate container so that they can be easily picked up with a fruit clip or cherry pick.