How to make frothy milk for a cappuccino

One of the hardest tasks of a barman is, without a doubt, making the milk thick and frothy for a picture perfect cappuccino.

These are the steps you should take for the very best results:

  • Fill the metal milk jug to about half. The size of the jug depends on the number of cappuccinos you need to make.  It is best to use only as much milk as you need for the cappuccino you’re making.
  • Open the steam valve for a second to eliminate any access water.
  • Put the head of the steamer wand all the way into the milk and now open the steam valve to full.
  • Move the jug slowly down until the steamer nozzle is just below the surface of the milk and move it in a circular motion to get the milk moving so that it begins to take on air.
  • As more air goes into the milk to create bubbles the volume of the milk will increase, so gradually lower the jug so that the steam head remains near the surface until the ideal serving temperature of some 60°C is reached.
  • When the frothy milk is warm, close the steam valve as you lower the head into the milk to prevent it from breaking the foamy bubbles it made.
  • Let the milk rest while you make the espresso.  As you wait for it to come out of the machine, pick up the jug and move it in a circular motion and from side to side so that the foam gently and evenly mixes in with the milk, making it smooth and shiny.
  • If there are any irregular bubbles, tap the jug’s bottom lightly on the counter as you move it in circular motions to break them down to the desired size.
  • Pour the creamy, frothy milk into the cup containing the espresso. Another tip: tilt the cup slightly and delicately rock the jug as you slowly pour in the milk.