Preparation of airs


Preparation with a whisk

1 small beater
1 shallow, wide container
1 slotted spoon
You can use a small milk whisk which is available in many houseware stores. Use a shallow, wide container of a size appropriate to the volume of liquid contained.
Dissolve the product well in the liquids and mix evenly.
Preparation with an aerator
1 aerator
1 tall, cylindrical container (shaker type)
1 slotted spoon
The aerator is a very small pump consisting of a rubber tube connected to a filter that lets the air pushed into the liquid escape.
Always make sure that the equipment complies with current health and hygiene regulations for food preparation and serving. There are companies on the market specialising in molecular products that distribute equipment that complies with standards. It is also possible to use an aquarium pump, replacing the hose and filter with hygienic equivalents (e.g., tubes for hospital use and steel tea filters).


If you use a hand blender

Place the semi-submerged blender below the surface of the liquid, holding it at a right angle (like a motorboat propeller), then start it up. Immediately a light, aromatic foam will form which you can scoop up with a spoon, preferably a slotted one.

If you use an aerator

Completely immerse the filter connected to the pump and switch on the appliance. A light, aromatic foam will immediately form, which you can scoop up with a spoon, preferably a slotted one.