How to use amarena fabbri

The famous amarena fabbri, both the fruit and the syrup, has been used in many recipes as decoration or as an integral part of recipes.

To make it easier and quicker to use, it is advisable to separate the fruit from the syrup beforehand.

In the case of jars with screw caps, the fruit must be strained through a sieve; in the case of tins with tear-off closures, simply open the tear slightly to leave just enough space for the syrup to flow; in the case of tins without tear-offs, use a can opener to make two opposing holes in the edge of the lid, one to let the syrup out and the other to let the air in.

After the separation, collect the syrup in an empty speed bottle, so that you can dose it more accurately, and put the amarena cherries in a separate jar, so that you can easily fish them out with fruit clips or amarena cocktail toothpicks.