How to prepare a cold compact milk froth

Cold cream is essential in many coffee recipes.

A spindle mixer, better known as a milk shake blender, is absolutely necessary to prepare it. The milk used is completely skimmed (0.1% fat content) and it must be very cold. Contrary to popular belief, it is the proteins and not the fats that make the milk foam even when it is hot. All you have to do is put the desired amount of milk in the mixer glass, hook it up to the mixer and you're done! In just a few minutes you will have cold, extremely compact milk cream.

In order to determine the quantity of milk needed, it is necessary to take into account that when whipping, the milk will triple its volume. However, if you overdo it with the milk, don't worry: once you have poured the amount of cream you need, place the glass directly in the fridge. The milk will gradually lose the air in the foam and can be whipped again and again! Obviously, it is preferable to always prepare it at the moment it is needed in order to avoid the risk of bacterial build-up and loss of structure and freshness.

It is good practice to whip the milk first and add the fabbri vanilla syrup on the finish, swirling it for a few seconds. The proportion of syrup is one part syrup to five/six parts milk. Vanilla is, of course, the most popular flavouring... But have fun experimenting with different flavourings!