Dario Comini explains Spherology with Fabbri products

Dario Comini, the bartender who invented Molecular Mixology, explains what spherology is and the value that Fabbri 1905 has added to the world of drinks.

Thanks to his father, who had learn the métier from his own father, Dario Comini was introduced to the world of barmanship when he was little. Using pots and pans and glass vases for dry ice, siphons for foams and blowpipes to caramelise, Dario prepares innovative drinks by working with ingredients of molecular gastronomy. Using the spherology technique and with the help of Fabbri's Spherology kit, Dario Comini stands out among his rivals and creates and customises unique, original cocktails.

In this interview he gives practical examples on how to prepare molecular cocktails. Watch the video and follow Dario Comini's tips.