Liquid cane sugar 0,65 Kg



Clear and transparent pearly white, even diluted it retains its transparency. The nose offers caramel and delicately herbaceous notes. Balanced and smooth on the palate. Extremely plain cane sugar composed only of raw cane sugar, in a soluble version, which, with the same sweetening power, guarantees a better texture and homogeneity to drinks. Classic combinations are with coffee, iced tea, spirits, liqueurs and fruit juices. In a shaker with vodka, lemon and egg white, it is the ingredient with which to make a perfect, timeless Vodka Sour. Preferred categories: classic, trendy and non-alcoholic cocktails, tiki mixer, hot and cold coffee. Preservative-free. 

2 Gluten Free 6 Halal Italia
Liquid cane sugar 0,65 Kg
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