Sweet & Sour



A solid greenish yellow in appearance, it takes on an ivory opalescence when diluted. It features powerful citrus aromas of Sicilian lemon, lime and grapefruit, with a very persistent finale. Fresh, thick and balanced on the palate. Best mixed with spirits, liqueurs, juices and sodas. An indispensable ingredient in a good Vodka Sour. Combined with Mixybar Plus Passion Fruit or Mixybar Plus Strawberry, it is used to make Sourmania, Fabbri 1905’s refreshing craft drinks.

Popular categories: classic tropical cocktails, tiki mixing, craft drinks and trendy mixing.  


From 1:3 to 1:5 (Syrup: Liquids)

2 Gluten Free
Sweet & Sour
  • Packaging
    Speed bottle
  • Net weight per unit
    1,3 kg
  • Net weight per carton
    3,9 kg
  • Unit per carton