Pineapple Mixybar PLUS



It is an impenetrable straw yellow, diluted it takes on an opalescent hue. One of the highest concentrations on the market, 61% pineapple juice harvested only from selected producers, it gives the nose rich notes of the freshly cut fruit, exotic pineapple pulp and ripe tropical fruit.

On the palate it is intense, very balanced, with a lively freshness. The finish gives a lingering sensation of exotic fruit and light herbal nuances.

It pairs perfectly with the best tropical spirits. Rum, Triple sec, lime, Mixybar Tropical Blue and Mixybar Plus Pineapple are the ideal combination to create an original Turquoise Blue.

An excellent ingredient for a non-alcoholic and refreshing version of the Pineapple Mojito.

Popular categories: artisan coffee, craft drinks, non-alcoholic and tropical cocktails, and for an alternative version of a Sbritz.

Dye-free, with only natural flavourings.

  • Packaging
  • Net weight per unit
    pineapple juice (61%)
  • colour

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