Passion Fruit Mixybar PLUS



Clear and bright, appearing pastel orange with golden yellow hues, it retains its soft orange tones when diluted. One of the highest concentrations on the market, the 30% passion fruit and pulp, harvested only from selected South American producers, gives it an authentic and very intense bouquet of maracuja pulp and juice, with complex notes of tropical fruit. It tastes fresh and well balanced to the palate, with a persistent aftertaste. Delicious with rum and other tropical spirits, juices and liqueurs. Mixed with pure vodka, sparkling wine and fresh lime juice, the Pornstar Martini becomes a masterpiece. Topped up with tonic water, it makes an excellent soda drink, or even a Tea & Soda with the addition of iced tea: two Fabbri 1905 interpretations of the classic Italian soft drink. Combined with Sweet and Sour Fabbri 1905, it makes a refreshing sour drink.

Popular categories: Caribbean mixing classics, craft drinks, soft drinks and aperitifs.
Contains only natural flavours and colours.

2 Gluten Free
Passion Fruit Mixybar PLUS
  • Packaging
  • Net weight per unit
    1,3 kg
  • % Characterizing ingredient
    Juice (30%) 
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