Italian Sugar Mixybar PLUS



In Italian Sugar Mixybar Plus, the main raw material comes from the certified 100% Italian short supply chain Italia Zuccheri. Italia Zuccheri is an agricultural company with 5000 associates. It is the only 100% Italian sugar manufacturer and controls the entire supply chain, from sowing through to production.

Completely clear and transparent, with ivory reflections, it maintains its characteristics intact when diluted. Pure, neutral aroma, with delicate vegetal and balsamic notes. Soft and balanced on the palate, with a crisp, enfolding finish.

Classic pairings with coffee, iced tea, spirits and liqueurs. Place in a shaker with vodka, lemon and egg white for a timeless Vodka Sour.

Popular categories: classic, trendy and non-alcoholic cocktails, tiki drinks, hot and cold café beverages. Contains no preservatives; with natural flavourings.

Italian Sugar Mixybar PLUS