Granitina 1 Kg



The origins of granita are usually traced back to Arab rule in Sicily. They brought with them the recipe for sherbet, an iced drink flavoured with juices or rosewater. The nobles of Messina used the snow that was collected from the mountains in winter and stored in the nivieri throughout the year.  

Fabbri Granitina is a ready-to-use powdered product, balanced for making neutral granita in the granita machine. Once it's ready, all you have to do is extract the desired amount of granita from the bowl to customize the flavour directly in the glass. Together with Fabbri's Mixybars, Fabbri offers an ever-changing range of products to meet everyone's tastes. Fabbri's Granitina is a great product in a small space: all you need is a single-bowl granita machine to serve all the flavours you want!  


100g/L water

2 Gluten Free 3 Palm Oil Free Kosher
Granitina 1 Kg
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