Gold Sugar Mixybar PLUS



From Mauritius, one of the world’s leading producers of sugar, with the most suitable habitat for sugar cane.

With the quality of Demerara, a sugar produced by dehydrating the cane syrup obtained from sugar cane, with the addition of treacle after the refining process.

Transparent amber in colour, with mahogany reflections. Maintains the same colour when diluted, in a paler shade. Intense bouquet of liquorice, carob and tamarind, and a toasted caramel finish. Soft and mouthfilling, with delicate grassy sensations at the back of the palate.

Classic pairings with coffee, iced tea, spirits and liqueurs. Place in a shaker with whiskey and lemon for a perfect Whiskey Sour.

Popular categories: classic, trendy and non-alcoholic cocktails, tiki drinks, hot and cold café beverages.

Contains no preservatives; with natural flavourings.

Gold Sugar Mixybar PLUS
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