Coconut Mixybar PLUS



A clear pearly white, which takes on a milky appearance when diluted. The 30% pure coconut milk from the best South-East Asian cultivations offers intense aromas of coconut pulp and grated coconut, with hints of ripe exotic fruit, culminating in a subtle almond finale. On the palate, it evokes the refreshing sensation of coconut water from freshly picked nuts. An intense and very well-balanced flavour with a markedly lingering aftertaste. It goes best with tropical spirits, chocolate and coffee. Combined with fresh pineapple juice and excellent Cuban rum, it makes for an inimitable Piña Colada.

Popular categories: hot and cold coffee, tropical and non-alcoholic cocktails.
Contains only natural flavours and colours.

2 Gluten Free
Coconut Mixybar PLUS
  • Packaging
  • Net weight per unit
    1,3 kg
  • % Characterizing ingredient
    Coconut milk (30,8%) 
  • Colour