Banana Mixybar PLUS



Antique golden yellow with warm reflections and a dense texture, it takes on a milky appearance with ochre hues when diluted. Harvested in the area of origin at ideal ripeness, the pulp and juice of top quality bananas reaches 30%, giving its aroma authentic rich notes of banana pulp and peel, with hints of tropical fruit that culminate in a delicate fruity finale. It tastes sweet, smooth and well balanced to the palate, with a lingering ripe fruit aftertaste. Excellent with rum and other tropical spirits. Rum, lime and white cocoa cream is the ideal combination to create the exotic flavours of the Mulata Split.

Popular categories: hot and cold coffee and in Caribbean cocktails.
Contains only natural flavours and colours.

2 Gluten Free
Banana Mixybar PLUS
  • Packaging
  • Net weight per unit
    1,3 kg
  • % Characterizing ingredient
    Juice and puree (30,5%) 
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