Amarena Fabbri Mixybar ZERO



Intense ruby red with garnet highlights, diluted it maintains its typical color and brilliance. On the nose the typical note of the iconic Amarena Fabbri and its secret recipe, guarded for over a hundred years, stands out. On the palate the intensity of Amarena on top of everything but also spicy notes, making it fresh and very balanced with a persistent finish. For an intense blended drinking experience it can be matched with a wide range of spirits, liqueurs, sparkling wines and beer. To prepare low-calorie drinks without sacrificing the unique and inimitable taste of Mixybar Amarena Fabbri. Together with Marendry to create a Marendry Spritz Zero and with non-alcoholic beer, for the two new cocktails Sbritz Marendry and Sbritz Amarena Blanche Zero.

Preferred categories: cocktails, aperitifs and non-alcoholic drinks.

2 Gluten Free
Amarena Fabbri Mixybar ZERO
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    1,3 kg
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    7,8 kg
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