Update of Italian contingency

27 February 2020

Fabbri press release on the Coronavirus emergency in Italy


Fabbri1905 has always been committed in spreading and enforcing the culture of health and safety in the workplace, promoting responsible behavior and actively working to preserve health and safety of workers.

Our commitment is equally strong also in this contingency caused by the Coronavirus diffusion with reference to the Ordinance of the Italian Ministry of Health dated February 21st 2020, to the Public Health Authorities communications,  as well as the obligations of mutual exchange of information and coordination pursuant to Legislative Decree n. 81, we are herewith informing you that

Although we do not have production or logistics sites in the areas affected by a high level of emergency, we are constantly monitoring the access of all our staff in case of contact within the areas at risk. We are moreover checking the origin and monitoring external goods and suppliers, including carriers and forwarding agents.

In this delicate time Fabbri1905 guarantees the continuity of its activities by providing continuous support also to customers who are in the areas affected by the emergency.

To date, we have no operational limitations and/or impact forecasts on business continuity and supplies intended for you, therefore we are guaranteeing the continuity of our services.

We remind you that for every need you can continue to refer to our network in your country.