The Mixology line by Fabbri 1905 at the Salon de Gourmet in Madrid

27 March 2014

From 10 to 14 March, Fabbri took part in the most important European trade fair for food and beverages.

The  Salon de Gourmets (SG), was founded in 1987 and is Europe’s most important trade fair for fine food and beverages. Aiming to become a showcase for high-level products, more than a thousand exhibitors every year present their new products to promote the values of quality, variety and professionalism.

Fabbri 1905 participated in this year’s XXVIII edition of the Salon de Gourmets, presenting their specialised mixed drinks products at the IFEMA trade show district in Madrid from 10 to 14 March.

From Mixybar, the line of concentrated highly flavourful syrups for cocktails and long drinks, to Mixyfruit, a range of products with a high juice and fruit pulp content ideal for any recipe calling for fresh fruit. From Bases for Solid Cocktails with which to easily and quickly prepare a gelatin version of favourite cocktails to be eaten with a spoon, to the new Spherology kit to make molecular cocktails and desserts. And, finally, the great Amarena-based cocktails to be served directly in their unique and original opaline glass by Fabbri Amarena.

And to make everything even more special and show off the true versatility of Fabbri products, famed Spanish bartender Pedro Garcia entertained visitors with spectacular flair at the Bolognese company’s stand.