Spherology won The Innovation Prize Horeca 2015

25 November 2014

Spherology won The Innovation Prize Horeca 2015, in the Beverages category.

The award ceremony for Premio Innovazione dell’anno Horeca 2015 took place in Milan, during the first stage of Bar Italia. Premio Innovazione dell’anno Horeca 2015 awards the most innovative products and entrepreneurs in Italy to give prominence to Italian excellence.
Spherology won the award for the most innovative product in the category Beverage

What is Spherology?

SPHEROLOGY is a Spherification Kit, studied specifically for the creation of molecular cocktails and desserts.

Spherification is a technique for molecular cuisine that, with the use of natural products, transforms liquids (spirits, syrups, sauces, coffee, tea, blended fruit) into spheres of different sizes. This technique enables you to create “ravioli” (spheres of medium size) or “caviar” (mini-spheres), which will have a solid external structure with liquid inside.

Until now, the techniques of molecular cuisine have been reserved to a limited number of professionals, but thanks to the new SPHEROLOGY kit and to Dario Comini, who has followed and supported this project, the Spherification process will become easier and faster.

The Spherification technique can also be applied to desserts and fruit: chefs and pastry chefs can express their creativity by presenting unique and surprising juxtapositions and enriching desserts, semifreddo or ice cream with decoration of "ravioli" or "caviar".


Premio Spherology