Mixybar Chai Tea : spicy taste for oriental recipes

15 January 2014

To be in line with the new trends, Fabbri 1905 offers you a new flavor to realize oriental and spicy cocktails

The Chai Tea is a flavored Indian tea made of black tea and spices. Cool, refreshing and spicy, the Chai Tea is a very common drink in Eastern countries , where it is usually drunk throughout  the day, from sunrise to sunset, with family and friends.

Due to its antioxidant and refreshing properties and its spicy flavour, which is in line with the new trends of consumers’ tastes, the Chai Tea has been spread worldwide and now it is a very popular drink in our bar or coffee shop.

In order to meet everybody’s needs, Fabbri 1905 introduces a new flavor for the range of Mixybar: the Mixybar Chai Tea. With the concentrated syrup flavored Chai tea you can make many spicy recipes and add a touch of oriental atmosphere within your bar .

Discover here all the recipes made with the new Mixybar Chai Tea