Lady Amarena 2019 - the international all-female competition dedicated to the world of mixology- is coming.

10 June 2019

May 20th 2019

The fifth edition of Lady Amarena is upon us. The international competition dedicated to women expert in “mixology” is now awaited with trepidation by specialists in the sector and non-professionals.

Mixology professionals from all over the world will compete in the preparation of amazing cocktails, showing their skills to meet  the tastes of the public, experimenting new combinations and variations.

The pink wave of barladies is now spreading in the beverage sector, many women are more and more attracted by this profession thus bringing innovation and creativity to a field that has long remained of male dominance.  

Fabbri, by setting up of this competition 5 years ago, realized the potential of female creativity in this sector and decided to dedicate an international  all-female event to the charming world of barladies.

From May the 20th would-be Lady Amarena can register an entry to the competition by submitting the recipe for an entirely new  cocktail on the dedicated portal. There are two main rules to take part in the competition: the drink must be created using Amarena Fabbri, Mixibar Amarena Fabbri or Marendry Bitter Fabbri among the ingredients and the cocktail cannot contain more than 5 ingredients. Besides these requirements the competing ladies are free to create any drink combination following their taste and their imagination.

Relive memorable scenes of Lady Amarena 2018, watch again the video of the past edition!

To learn more, have a look at the website