Fabbri 1905 is the official sponsor of the World Cocktail Championship 2013

25 July 2013

Also this year, Fabbri 1905 will be present as a sponsor at the most important international event for barman, that will be held from the 16th to the 22nd of August in Prague.

The World Cocktail Competition will host the best barmen from different countries of the World, who will challenge to make original recipes and use sophisticated techniques during an exciting competition, that each summer honours the best barman of the World.

Fabbri is the protagonist of this competition. Indeed, Fabbri's products support the barmen during their challenge: for example the Irish Chris Crowley creates “The Sweetest Thing” by using Mixyfruit Mango and the Argentinian Juan Carlos Aguera uses Mixybar Mandarine to make his “Dawning in Beijing”.

This is the 62nd year of an experience that takes place in the Czech capital and that needs to be discovered.

All the information about this event are on the website of International Bartenders Association