Fabbri reinvents the Spritz – new ideas are on their way!

07 March 2019

With the onset of spring, Fabbri is reinventing the spritz, the undisputed king of the Italian aperitivo.


Innovation and tradition combine in our new recipes, perfect for both springtime and summer.

Our aim was to expand and diversify the variety of spritzes available, to create new flavours while still using top-quality ingredients and products. With their concentrated fruit and aromas, our Mixybars used to make these cutting-edge cocktails ensure intense flavour and accurate preparation.

A selection of fragrant drinks using elderflower and grapefruit, raspberry and even our legendary Fabbri Amarena syrup. These experiments led to the creation of our Hugo Spritz, Amarena Spritz, Tropical Spritz, Skiwasser Spritz and Violeta Spritz, a broad selection which will make your aperitivo moment unique!