Fabbri and Its beautiful beverage corner conquers the Sigep's visitors

04 February 2020

Great success for the historical Bolognese company presents itself as always in great style at the most important trade fair in the sector: 1000m² of Stand, divided into three universes: Gelato, Pastry and Beverages.

Fabbri products designed for the Beverage universe were presented at Sigep in a special "Bar-Cafeteria” corner inside the large blue and white stand.

Here the visitors were able to taste the numerous “beverage solutions” that the Bologna-based company has developed for daytime bar professionals, which stand out for their service content and high quality standards.

From Coffee Specialties - such as the traditional cappuccini/mochaccinos or the surprising Neapolitan pastiera-flavoured coffee creams, to the delicious black forest and mint chocolates - to Cold Drinks - from the rich milkshakes and smoothies to the healthy iced teas with lychees and probiotics - the Bar made in Fabbri 1905 is able to meet the needs of any consumer, thanks to the versatility and quality of products such as Mixyfruit, Mixybar, Amarena Fabbri, Frappè Plus, Frappè Powder, Cold Cream, at the service of professional creativity.

Also the many visitors were able to attend the workshop with famous professionist of this sector as Vittorio Agosti, recent winner of the 2019 Bar Awards as best Brand Ambassador for the Coffee & More category, and the "King of Coffee" Gianni Cocco "Italian Coffee Trainer" for the Accademia Italiana Maestri del Caffè, winner of the first place at the IV Grand Prix of the Italian Cafeteria and holder of two Guinness World Records.  At the Fabbri Stand he held a workshop dedicated to children, creating two surprising recipes live - Choco Amarena and Nuvola Fabbri - dedicated to children who accompany their parents to the coffee shop.


Gianni Cocco's photos are by Romedia Studio Photo @romediastudio - Federico Pezzetta Photography @coffeeandlucas