Fabbri @ Bar Italia

13 November 2014

The first phase of Bar Italia will take place on monday, november 17th in Milan.


Bar Italia is a new event organized by the Bar Giornale in collaboration with the most important Italian companies in the beverage sector.

Bar Italia provides a series of workshops, training courses, challenges between bartender and represents an important opportunity to find out how to exploit Italian products in view of Expo 2015.

Fabbri participates in the creative workshop entitled Un cocktail per EXPO, and addressing the challenges of the event with a team led by Alessandro Cattani, Fabbri Brand Ambassador and composed by Cinzia Ferro, renowned Barlady owner of Estremadura Cafe in Verbania, Marco Lo Scalzo, bar manager of Canton de’ Fiori in Bologna and Daniel Losquadro, bartenders under from Nepentha club in the Milan.

In order to participate in the challenges each team has to present three recipes: a classic Italian cocktail revisited, a classic internationa revisited and a "Sweet drink", a dessert drink, strictly in liquid form.

Fabbri will also be present with a Master held by Alessandro Cattani and dedicated to Amarena and to find out how to bring a unique Italian product to the world of mixability.

Bar Italia will take place at Lambretto, via Cletto Arrighi, 19 - Lambrate, Milan