AIBES 65th National Competition.

06 November 2014

AIBES 65th Nation was held at the Hotel Residence Loano2Village al Competition on November 3 and 4.

A.I.B.E.S. is an association for Italian Bartender, Bartender Barlady that organizes trainings, workshop and competitions for Bartenders. AIBES is a member of I.B.A. (International Bartender's Association - 1951).

The 65th AIBES National Competition, which took place in Loano, was divided into two days during which barman and barlady tried to win a place for IBA 2015 final, the most important competition for bartenders in the world.

Fabbri 1905 will present a course of Fabbri Master Class that will feature Amarena Fabbri and its many uses in cocktails. As an ingredient, decoration or protagonist, Amarena Fabbri, that will soon celebrate its 100 anniversary, has been present in the preparations of the world's top bartenders for a long time.

The Winners:

Category Pre Dinner: Max Peano
Category After Dinner: Francesco Toscano
Category Long Drink: Antonino Santoro