A lot of recipes to create delicious drinks: follow our video tutorials!

18 December 2019

From today you can find a lot of video tutorials in Fabbri website dedicated to the world of beverage and mixology

Thanks to Fabbri Brand Ambassador Alessandro Cattani’s partnership and expertise you will be able to create various cocktails in your restaurant or at home. You can enjoy a good cocktail or an excellent drink any time you want.

Just follow the clear and intuitive instructions in the videos to create unique recipes that you can replicate for your guests or customers. The expert bartender like Alessandro Cattani will make it simpler giving you precise dosages and indications.

Surprise your customers and friends creating delicious recipes in just a few minutes thanks to the quality of Fabbri ingredients.

Here is our fabulous Cocktail Nettuno, follow the video and watch how you can create your drink in a few simple steps, click on the tags to see all related recipes.

You can find many other video tutorials also in our Youtube channel .

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15 ml Jamaican dark rum

15  ml ruby porto  

Drink size Short Drink

Fruity, Intense, Spicy Taste

Features Glutenfree


Mix the ingredients with ice in a mixin'glass and strain into a Martini glass. Decorate with an orange twist and FABBRI AMARENA.

Drink size Short Drink