Kiwi Fruit Sparks

Kiwi Fruit Sparks


¼ lime (2 slices)
3-4 pieces of fresh fruit (optional)
1 teaspoon of cane sugar (optional)
6 cl Kiwi Gourmet Sauce / 3 cl Kiwi Mixybar/Mixyfruit
Soda water or very sparkling water


Muddle lime, fruit and sugar together. Fill the glass with ice (cubes or crushed). Add Kiwi Gourmet Sauce, top up with soda water and stir. Garnish with fresh fruit and serve with 2 straws.

Fresh ingredients Kiwi, Lime
Drink size Long Drink
Flavour Sweet, Fruity
Glass Juice
Juices&sodas Soda Water
Mixybar Kiwi
Mixyfruit Kiwi
Serving time Anytime
Preparation technique Muddle
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