Strawberry Lemon Fruit Granita

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125 ml Granitina Neutral Ice
20 ml Strawberry Mixybar Syrup 
2 tablespoons fruit salad 
20 ml Lemon Mixybar Syrup
2 tablespoons of fruit salad 


Pour half of the neutral base obtained with the Granitina Neutral Ice in the granita masker into the bottom of the glass. Flavour with the first Mixybar. Add half of the fruit and repeat the operations (pour in more Granitina Neutral Ice, flavour it with the second Mixybar). Finish with fresh fruit on top and serve with a smile. 


Discover Mixybar Syrups line and make your own Fuit Granita in the most popular combinations: 
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Pineapple - Lemon 
Amarena - Coconut 
Strawberry - Lemon 
Coconut - Mint 
Peach - Pineapple 
Coconut – Chocolate Gourmet Sauce 

Strawberry Lemon Fruit Granita