Red & Black Marendry Mule

Amarena CocktailsCocktail alcolico


50 ml Marendry Bitter 
15 ml lime juice  
90 ml ginger beer 
40 ml vodka 
5 ml Black Gum


Make a classic Marendry Mule. Then shake the vodka and Black Gum with ice and strain onto the drink as a float.  
Garnish with fresh ginger and Amarena Fabbri. 

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Drink size Long Drink
Flavour Dry, Spicy
Caratteristiche - Glutenfree
Glass Collins, Juice
Juices&sodas Ginger beer, Lime Juice
Serving time Anytime, Aperitivo
Preparation technique Build, Layer, Shake&Strain
Wine and spirits Vodka
Red & Black Marendry Mule