Orange Blossom

Analcoholic Cocktail


20 ml Orange Gourmet Sauce
220 ml whole milk 
30 ml Cinnamon Mixybar Syrup 
Whipped cream flavoured with Cinnamon Mixybar Syrup


Garnish the inside of a large glass mug/juice glass with the gourmet sauce. Froth the milk with the Mixybar Syrup over a high heat and pour into the glass. Fill with whipped cream and garnish with Gourmet Sauce orange, cinnamon powder and an orange slice. 

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Fresh ingredients Full-fat Milk, Cream
Flavour Sweet, Intense, Spicy
Gourmet sauces Orange
Mixybar Cinnamon
Serving time After Dinner, Anytime
Preparation technique Layer, Steam
Orange Blossom