Negroni with Mandarin Foam

Cocktail alcolicoMolecolare


30 ml Campari bitter 
30 ml red vermouth 
30 ml gin 
Mandarine Mixybar Syrup


Make a classic Negroni in a low tumbler, mixing the ingredients directly in the glass. Make a mandarin foam with Mandarine Mixybar, following the Aria&Velluto guidelines. Pour the foam over the Negroni. 
Barman Alessandro Cattani, Fabbri Ambassador, shows us the (perfect) recipe for this particular cocktail. 

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Drink size Medium Drink
Flavour Fruity, Dry, Special
Liqueurs Campari
Mixybar Mandarin
Serving time Aperitivo
Preparation technique Build
Wine and spirits Gin
Negroni with Mandarin Foam