Mr. Funk ZERO

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120 ml drip coffee (filter extract in V60) alternatively 120 ml American coffee  
10 ml Mixybar ZERO
50 ml “Light” summer cream (100 ml skimmed milk + 20 ml Vanilla Mixybar ZERO)  


Make the Light Summer Cream in a blender by frothing the skimmed milk (well chilled) flavoured with sugar-free Vanilla Syrup (Mixybar ZERO). Make the filter coffee (we suggest a single origin or a blend of light roasted Arabica) and pour it into a glass mug dusted with cocoa powder. Flavour with Caramel/Salted Caramel syrup and finish with the previously prepared light summer cream, creating a pleasant layered effect. Serve with a smile. 

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Fresh ingredients Coffee, Skimmed milk
Drink size Medium Drink
Caratteristiche - Sugar Free
Serving time Anytime
Preparation technique Build, Layer, Spindle Mixer
Mr. Funk ZERO