Granita Zen

Granita ClassicaNo Alcol


1/2 lime (4 wedges) 1 tbsp brown sugar (optional) 
50 ml rum
4 or 5 mint leaves 
5 ml Mojito Mixybar Syrup 
25 ml Kiwi Mixybar Syrup
Top soda


Blend the entire contents of a Zenzero Fabbri opaline in a blender. 
Pour it into a slush maker together with water (dissolve the Fabbri Granita in the latter if you wish to obtain a softer texture). 
Wait until the mixture is frozen with the correct texture. 
Strain and serve with a smile.

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Flavour Fruity, Intense, Spicy
Glass Collins, Juice
Serving time Anytime
Granita Zen