Fragola Bull

Analcoholic CocktailDay-timeFruit EnergyDrinksNight-timeNo AlcolSoda/Filler/Sparkling


20 ml Strawberry Mixybar PLUS Syrup
90 ml Red Bull (or other energy drink) 
5 ml lemon/lime juice 
3 chopped fresh strawberries 
50 ml “Butterfly Pea Tea” infusion   


Gently crush the fresh strawberries and lime juice in the bottom of the glass and fill with ice cubes. Pour in the energy drink, flavour with Mixybar Syrup PLUS and stir gently. Top up with "Butterfly Pea Tea" infusion, garnish and serve with a smile. 

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Fresh ingredients Strawberry
Drink size Long Drink
Glass Collins, Juice
Serving time Anytime
Preparation technique Build
Fragola Bull