Cuban Night

Cocktail alcolicoMondo CaffèNight-time


40 ml dark rum 
20 ml Orange Gourmet Sauce 
10 ml Amaretto Mixybar Syrup
70 ml whole milk 
20 ml Chocolate Gourmet Sauce/Dark Chocolate Gourmet Sauce GOLD 


Decorate the inside of a Martini glass (or a glass mug as an alternative) with the Dark Chocolate Gourmet Sauce GOLD. Separately, heat the other ingredients with a steam wand and then gently pour them into the glass. Garnish with grated orange peel and serve with a smile. 

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Fresh ingredients Full-fat Milk
Drink size Medium Drink
Gourmet sauces Orange, Chocolate
Mixybar Amaretto
Serving time After Dinner, Anytime
Preparation technique Build, Steam
Wine and spirits Black Rhum
Cuban Night