Chai Lagoon

Cocktail alcolicoNight-timeTiki/Tropical/Exotic Cocktail


45 ml white rum 
15 ml Triple Sec (or 10 ml Triple Sec Mixybar Syrup + 5 ml water) 
60 ml whole milk 
30 ml Chai Mixybar Syrup
5 ml Tropical Blu Mixybar Syrup (float) 


Shake all ingredients – except the Tropical Blu Mixybar Syrup – in a Boston shaker with ice. Pour directly into a hurricane/juice glass. Finish with a Tropical Blu Mixybar Syrup float. Garnish with an orange slice and cinnamon stick.  

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Fresh ingredients Full-fat Milk
Drink size Long Drink
Serving time Anytime
Preparation technique Shake&Pour
Wine and spirits White Rhum
Chai Lagoon