Bimbo Blu

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100 ml summer cream made with 20 ml Vanilla Mixybar Syrup 
10 ml Cotton Candy Gourmet Sauce
2 bsp crumbled shortcrust pastry 


Pour the cold skimmed milk and the Vanilla Mixybar Syrup syrup into the milkshake blender mixing glass and mix until the desired texture is achieved (smooth like a milkshake). Pour into the glass after having poured the crumbled shortcrust pastry and the Fabbri Cotton Candy Gourmet Sauce on the bottom.  
Garnish with coloured sugar stars or mini Smarties.

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Drink size Short Drink
Flavour Cream, Delicate, Sweet
Caratteristiche - Glutenfree
Glass Glass Mug
Gourmet sauces Cotton Candy
Mixybar Vanilla
Serving time Anytime
Preparation technique Layer, Spindle Mixer
Bimbo Blu