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40 ml vodka 
15 ml Triple Sec 
15 ml lemon juice 
10 ml Amarena Fabbri Mixybar Syrup  
20 ml water  


Shake the ingredients over ice and strain into a Martini glass. For the Amarena Tiki version: fill the Fabbri Amarena opaline jar with ice, pour in the ingredients and put the lid back on, then shake and fill with more ice. Serve directly in the opaline jar after garnishing with lime zest and two Amarena Fabbri. 

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Amarena Fabbri Fruit, Syrup
Drink size Medium Drink
Caratteristiche - Glutenfree
Juices&sodas Lime Juice
Mixybar Amarena
Serving time After Dinner, Anytime
Preparation technique Shake&Strain
Wine and spirits Vodka