Amarena Black Forest Chocolate

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10 ml Amarena Fabbri Mixybar Syrup 
120 ml hot chocolate (Chococioc
Whipped cream flavoured with Vanilla Mixybar Syrup 


Make a hot chocolate (changing the volume of the milk will result in a higher/lower final density of chocolate in the cup) and flavour it with Fabbri Syrup. Finish with Vanilla-flavoured whipped cream, Amarena Fabbri and chocolate shavings. 

Try also the version with ZERO sugar.

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Amarena Fabbri Fruit, Syrup
Fresh ingredients Hot chocolate, Full-fat Milk, Cream
Drink size Medium Drink
Flavour Cream, Fruity, Intense
Mixybar Amarena, Vanilla
Serving time After Dinner, Anytime
Preparation technique Build, Steam
Amarena Black Forest Chocolate