Fabbri 1905 and the cocktail world

Products of quality since a century

In 1905, Gennaro Fabbri took over an old general store with a wine cellar in Portomaggiore, in the province of Ferrara, and began producing liqueurs. Thus, began the distillery “Premiata Distilleria Liquori G. Fabbri”, now known as “Fabbri 1905”, which is in Bologna and it is run by the fourth generation of the Fabbri family (even if the fifth generation has already accessed the company).

The unique blackberry is Amarena Fabbri

Symbol of the company, it is the fruits that gives personality to a lot of recipes: since a century, the legendary Amarena Fabbri is produced with the original and secret recipe of Rachele Burani, the wife of the company’s founder. Today, the same inimitable flavor is appreciated all over the World as an ingredient for mixed drinks, ice cream and sweet and salty recipes. Amarena Fabbri is much more the usual “cherry on the cake”.

In order to know the World of Amarena Fabbri, visit: www.amarenafabbri.com.

The best ingredients for the professionals of mixed drinks.

Mixybar More than 50 flavor of highly aromatic concentrated syrups, perfect for cocktails, coffee specialties, granitas, smoothies and frappè. Fabbri Mixybar has a huge line of flavors, with different features, that are able to satisfy everyone: from the sweet Vanilla to the spicy Gingerbread, from the esotic fruits such as Mango and Papaya, to the one more linked with our land, such as Apple, Kiwi and Orgeat.

Mixyfruit A line of products with the highest content of fruits, packing in the reusable speedy bottle. Fabbri Mixyfruit has a high percentage of fruits pulp, almost 100%, that guarantees a high aromatic and structure performance in creating cocktails and othe recipes.

Gourmet Sauce A full range of sweet sauces in over 30 flavors for an extraordinary variety of options for making cocktails, special coffees and personalizing gelato, semifreddo and other desserts.

Sweet&Sour and Lemonbar&Sour Two fundamental ingredients, necessary behind a well equipped bar pavillon.

Attention to food intolerance

Goodness has to be for everyone and for that reason almost all the products for mixed drinks are gluten free. Easily recognizable, they all have a gluten free mark on the pack. Fabbri pays attention even to lactose intolerance with a growing number of products without lactose.

Certification, the value of quality

Fabbri has always aimed to provide top quality goods, and its products conform to UNI EN ISO 9001:2008 standards, thus showing the company’s commitment to achieving this goal. In addition, Fabbri also aims to pay particular attention to the different requirements of all our customers.

Quality means for Fabbri careful attention to all clients and their needs and for that reason it has certifications that show its commitment in respecting religious Islamic rules and Hebraic food habits.

The products certified Halal from Halal Italia and Kosher (both Parve and Dairy) are available here.

Commitment to environment

The Green Drop Program, represents Fabbri’s commitment to dealing with all the issues that our planet needs us to focus on, drop after drop. All the choices are made to reduce the wastefulness: thanks to the innovation, the emission has been decreased since 1990s and the water comes from our own wells and is then transformed into drinking water using biological process.

Even in the 1970s the company adopted a new environmental policy, with the construction of a purification system, inside a closed building.

These are just some of the drops of the Program, but for more details visit: www.fabbriperlambiente.com

From Italy to all the World

From Bologna to Buenos Aires in Argentina, more than 1200 references of all the 17 line travel throughout Fabbri departments into the World and to suppliers. They reach more than 100 cities of China, North America, South Africa and Nord Europe.

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Grow up season after season

Fabbri Master Class, the permanent school of gelato maker and pastry chefs, offers high level training for gelato makers, pastry chefs and barman all over the World. Since 1997, thanks to Fabbri Master Class, there are thousands of manager of bar, gelato maker and pastry chefs.

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Visit the website www.fabbri1905.com, the official World of Fabbri 1905 that offers ingredients for artisan gelato, products for pastry chefs, chefs, baristas and consumers.