Spiced berry iced tea

Spiced berry iced tea


1cl  Vodka

1,5 cl  White Rum

1,5 cl Gin

1,5 cl Triple sec

2 cl Mixybar Chai Tea

4cl Whole milk

6 cl Cranberry juyce (1cl Cranberry Mixybar/Mixyfruit, 5cl water)


Shake all the ingredients and pour into a juice glass. Decorate with a lime slice.

Fresh Ingredients: Full-fat Milk
Drink Size: Long Drink
Taste: Spicy, Sweet
Glass: Juice
Juices&sodas: Cranberry Juice
Mixybar: Chai, Cranberry
Mixyfruit: Cranberry
Serving Time: After Dinner, Anytime
Tecnics to Prepare: Shake
Wine and Spirits: Gin, Vodka, White Rhum