Lady Amarena 2016

Lady Amarena 2016 is now! Register to our international contest and take part in the final in Rome. You'll be the new Fabbri Brand Ambassador?

Kit Spherology
The SPHEROLOGY kit contains everything you need to get started and to have success in Spherification.
Kit Spherology
Most liked recipes
Whiskey SourWhiskey Sour

Place ingredients in shaker with ice; shake and filter into martini glass.  Decorate with orange slice and glazed maraschino cherry. 

Frozen Cranberry MargaritaFrozen Cranberry Margarita

Mix the ingredients with 8 to10 cubes of ice and serve in a sombrero glass. 

Monkey GlandMonkey Gland

Place ingredients in cocktail shaker, shake and filter into martini glass.

Amarena TiniAmarena Tini

Chill the ingredients in a mixing glass and then strain into a martini glass. Decorate with 2 dripping cocktail cherries on a pick